This is a very big welcome to all of you out there who have come to visit my website, here, have a cookie *gives over cookie*. My name is Leez and I'm the admin/leader/manager of this website (whatever you want to call it really) and it is here that anyone is welcome. So, err, WELCOME!!!

About us...

Well, as you may have guessed, this website is based on... *drum roll*... TWILIGHT! The most amazing creation human eyes have ever witnessed, even twi-haters love it, they just won't admit it because, let's face it, most of the twi-haters are men and men like to stick by their decisions just to prove a point. But, we're getting a little of subject here, so let's get back to the main deal. On this website, Stephenie Meyer is our God and we worship her in abundance, such genius as Twilight could not have been created by a simple mortal.
On this webpage we do loads of stuff! Posting the latest pics of Rob, Kristen and Taylor as they film the movies, as well as numerous videos and updates.
We also do FanFiction, I'm hoping to get a competition running, but that's a bit too hopeful. But we'll post some of the greatest Fanfictions known to mankind on here. You'll never have to be without fanfiction with us!!!
Anyone is welcome here (Except for haters), anyone, really, Team Edward-ers, Team Jacob-ers, even Team Charlie-ers with definite acceptance of Krisbians, Rob fan-girls and Taylor's ab followers, LOL X
Well, that's just getting started. I guess there'll be much more once I get onto it, but for now I'll leave you with a cute vid of our fave 3 peeps!!! ;) Leez xxxx

A special shoutout to my best friends,
Ellie, Jess and Issy 
who supported me when I made this website!